About TMGvets

Our mission to serve the veterinarian industry…

Our Mission is You!

TMGvets was created to give every veterinarian access to industry leading rates and services for payment processing. We understand the success of every practice relies in part on minimizing costs and providing superior customer service. We offer guaranteed savings, direct access to our Veterinarian Payment Specialists, and 24-hr customer support. Making payment transactions as easy and reliable as possible ensures a positive checkout process for your clients. Saving money on payment processing helps support the future of your practice.


Giving Back

We value our community of veterinary clients and Veterinary Medical Associations. TMGvets supports the veterinary industry through our business alliances and allied memberships with multiple state VMAs. 


Clay Farrell


Andy Sauter

Veterinary Payment Specialist

Harrison Ashmore

Veterinary Payment Specialist

Zack Kulesz

Veterinary Payment Specialist

Amanda Silva

Veterinary Payment Specialist

John Doe

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