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In need of a merchant services makeover for your Colorado veterinary practice? We have payment processing solutions that are customizable to your practice’s specific needs.

SAVE up to 25% on Payment Processing Fees.

Free YETI Dog Bowl When You Send Us a Statement for Review!

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You can also fax us your statement to 817.459.0808

TMGvets is a proud CVMA Affinity Partner

As a practicing veterinarian, you seek out opportunities to locate quality products and services at the best price. The CVMA is dedicated to helping you find the right solutions. CVMA fully evaluated TMGvets for its value, quality and usefulness. As an allied vendor, TMGvets demonstrates an ability to provide top-quality products and services to CVMA members. Working with TMGvets as a CVMA member gives you access to a pre-negotiated, hassle free way to take payments.

Clay150Clay Farrell
P: 800.864.1122
F: 817.459.0808

CVMA Members Enjoy

- Exclusive CVMA Member rates with guaranteed savings
- No Contract
- Free EMV Chip Card Terminal
- Veterinary Payment Specialists
- 24-hour Customer Service

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