Free Credit Card Machine For Veterinarians

One of our slogans here at TMGvets is that veterinarians looking for payment processing solutions “switch for the savings, and stay for the service!” That’s an absolutely true statement, in addition to sounding pretty catchy. On average, vets who switch to make TMGvets their payment processing provider save 25 percent. That’s a fairly substantial figure, especially when you consider the sample size is adequate. We have almost 600 total veterinarian customers (47 have signed up in the last month) across the nation.

So it’s safe to say that we are a payment processor provider that understands the complexities of a veterinary practice. We have a passion for teaming with veterinary practices to listen to what they need in terms of merchant services. Whether you are looking for a mobile place of sale, an e-commerce solution like an online payment gateway, a virtual terminal to track client payments more effectively, or for other payment processing services, we are the veterinary payment specialists.

Straight From The Horse (Doctor’s) Mouth

Dr. Zachary Coldiron, DVM at Stoneridge Animal Hospital, had the following to say in his testimonial about working with TMGvets as his payment processing company of choice. “Excellent customer service. Daily reports that are extremely easy to read. Free terminal paper. A significant savings compared to other companies. Highly recommend seeing if they can save you money on your payment processing!”

As you can no doubt tell from Dr. Coldiron’s glowing testimonial, he is among those in the vast majority who have saved a substantial amount of money switching to TMGvets. And yes, we can confirm that we do supply our clients with free credit card terminal paper, in addition to a free credit card reader, the most advanced EMV chip card terminal for your practice. This post is going to highlight a few of the features our free credit card scanner has to offer you and your veterinary practice, so read on if you are a fan of free stuff and high-quality payment gateway providers!

  • Proven Performance – We offer the industry’s fastest payment processor, which has the net effect of more transactions, which translates to greater profit.
  • Mobile Pay Ready – Need to make a house call? With our mobile payment processor, you can easily have a mobile POS for when you are on the go. Run Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and any other contactless (NFC) transaction within one single terminal.
  • Pin Security – PCI PED 2.0 approval means we keep you up to date with the most current and advanced PIN security standards. That means more peace of mind for you and your practice.
  • Easy Operation – Ease-of-use is huge for everyone, and veterinarians are no exception. Setup is easy, as is day-to-day operation. We offer a quick-release credit card terminal door which has been designed to load your free credit card terminal paper swiftly. We don’t want you to have to worry about payment processing when you are busy running your practice.
  • Visible Display – Again, you shouldn’t have to worry about your credit card swiper not being up to snuff. Our visible display looks clear with its high-contrast, white backlit appearance and blue backlit keypad for high visibility, even in dim lighting.
  • Next Generation Features- Our free credit card swiper comes with over 500 MB of memory in order to support value-added applications like gift cards and loyalty rewards. Whatever bells and whistles you are looking for, our EMV chip card terminal can support it.
  • Free Terminals – Did we mention that this credit card terminal is free? We did? Well, we didn’t mention that you can get as many credit card scanners as you need, at no charge. It’s just one of the ways we try to set our veterinary clients up for success when they make the switch to TMGvets.

Get Yours Today!

If you are sitting there thinking our merchant services sound great, but you can’t do anything for a few months due to a contract you can’t break, don’t worry about it. Really, we will pay your early termination fee for you if you switch with us. And when you factor in our commitment to providing vets exclusive member rates because of our partnership with various state’s Veterinary Medical Associations, switching to TMGvets just makes sense. Plus, we don’t make you sign a contract. For your custom rate quote that is specified to your practice’s needs, reach out to us today!

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