Helpful Payment Processing Tips For Small Businesses

Here at TMGvets, we serve over 150,000 small businesses nationwide. Having that kind of client base is no coincidence; we both attract and maintain clients because of the diversity and quality of our merchant services. Our merchant services include the following.

  • Retail Payments – we understand that no two retailers are exactly alike. Over the past seven years of providing payment gateway solutions, we’ve worked with thousands of businesses, each with their own set of needs. We can formulate a custom plan to benefit you.
  • Mobile Payments – We have mobile payment solutions that are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. That means you can easily convert any phone or tablet into a credit card processor at the drop of a hat. Having a mobile POS is key to the success of many business types.
  • E-commerce – You need a shopping cart with a robust set of features because that is what consumers demand in the 21st century. You don’t have to know how to code to use our easy-to-use (and set up) e-commerce solution.
  • Virtual Terminal – Trinity Merchant Group provides a virtual terminal that is understandable yet advanced at the same time. It’s a powerful solution so you can be assured of the speed and security of your transactions.
  • Business-to-Business – Our B2B credit card processing solutions include level 2 processing capabilities along with PCI compliance. Speak with us about setting up your own, tailored payment processing solution.
  • Point of Sale – Cash registers are old hat. See our past posts about what having a modernized mobile POS solution can do to streamline your processes and save you money by giving consumers what they’ve come to expect from an in-person checkout experience.
  • Non-Profit – Perhaps you are a non-profit entity such as a church or school, and you need to be able to accept donations. Even if it is a for-profit fundraising campaign, we can help with a diverse set of features and options for you to choose from.
  • Working Capital – We offer cash advances to provide businesses with working capital. We have experience doing so with businesses all across the company.


We are veterinary practices’ number one choice for payment processing solution providers. On average, TMGvets can help you save 25 percent on payment processing fees. We work with a varied of veterinary medical associations across the nation, and are happy to offer unique members-only benefits for VMA members. With exclusive member rates, the savings are guaranteed. We have 24 hour customer service and veterinary merchant service specialists on hand, so click here to learn more about how we can help save your practice a significant amount of money!

Now that we’ve outlined a bit of what we have to offer, let’s get to today’s promised topic – providing our readers with helpful payment processing tips for small businesses. Hopefully, a few of these tips will help you

Take Your Time When Choosing Between Providers

We fully admit that we have a horse in this race – we want your business. To show how confident we are about the quality of our merchant services, we recommend you take the time to shop around a bit, and maybe even get multiple quotes. Yes, we recognize that this can take some time out of your day, week, and maybe month. But this is your own business. You want to find a payment processing company that understands your unique needs, whether you operate a veterinary clinic or otherwise.

The point is that you simply don’t want to think that payment processing companies are a dime a dozen. So don’t close your eyes and point at one. Some have made the comparison between choosing a payment processor and a credit card company. The options, rates, and service will vary from provider to provider. So, do your due diligence. But how?

Freedom And Quality Over Slight Savings

When you operate a small business, it’s of paramount importance to have the flexibility to adjust certain processes once you find them to be either beneficial or harmful. This is especially the case if your practice or business is still in its nascent stages; you need the freedom to do more of what is working and less of what isn’t. So while it is an obvious necessity to be able to have a credit card terminal and an online payment processor, don’t make the mistake of trying to save a few bucks every month by signing a long-term contract.

In the same way, quality always trumps quantity. Rather than spending your time foraging for twenty different quotes online, choose a couple of providers with solid online reputations. Ask a few friends in your industry what they like, and read a couple of blogs on the matter that read so well that their authority on the matter is beyond a shadow of the doubt.

See? We told you we are on your side. What other payment processing provider would recommend something like that?

Post The Signage Of Credit Card Providers On Site And At Your Store

You might think of this as superfluous and unneeded. After all, it’s pretty much assumed that anywhere outside of arcades or carnivals, credit cards are accepted and probably preferred. However, it’s important to not forget the step of posting the signage of the credit card companies on your website and at your POS. In both cases, people will like seeing it, even if it isn’t a conscious question in their minds. Additionally, it might turn out to increase the number of impulse-buys people make.

Use The Address Verification Service

When performing transactions, credit card brands usually require that a customer’s billing address has to be entered for any kind of transaction that doesn’t occur in-person (online, keyed-in, etc.). If you are using a new POS system, or are new to the game, you might be tempted to bypass this step to speed up the transaction. Doing so drives up the cost of the overall transaction. Enter in the AVS when the prompt arises and this will save you money by causing the charge to run at a lower rate.

Be Prepared For Chargebacks

Chargebacks happen to everyone, so it is best if you are well-equipped with an action plan to fight it. Getting together a chargeback prevention plan that details your business’ course of action is necessary. Here are a few quick-fire facts about chargebacks which should help.

  • Processors watch how often you get chargebacks. Having a high chargeback ratio (greater than 1 percent) might lead to your merchant services provider to cancel the account. Make sure you stay on top of this.
  • Customers have a full 180 days to chargeback. Make sure you hold onto all relevant information (receipts, delivery confirmations, order descriptions) for at least the 180 days after any purchase.

Consider TMGvets

At TMGvets, we have the most advanced array of merchant services for your practice. Among these services is our EMV Chip Card Terminal, specifically designed for veterinary practices. At TMGvets (part of Trinity Merchant Group), we offer as many terminals as you need to have a smooth, successful practice. If you are interested in learning more about why we have such an affinity for the veterinary industry in particular, check out our About Us page here. We would love to help provide you with payment processing services that streamline your practice while growing it at the same time!

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