Brent Call Avatar
Brent Call
TMGvets stands by their customer service and backs up their products. - 1/27/2022
Jonnie M. Avatar
Jonnie M.
Clay and his team are quick to respond and help out when I was freaking out about a needed report lol ! thanks guys you all are so awesome 😇🙏🤗 - 2/25/2020
Becca F. Avatar
Becca F.
AMAZING SERVICE! Like most companies we get multiple calls weekly to "review our credit card processing", and each time we get that call I let them know they can't beat our current company! When I tell them our rate, they reply, you must be mistaken, no one is that low! The proof is in our bank account!
Clay also made it easy for us to update to in room check outs, making our end of day more streamlined, and the clients love not having to stand at the front desk!
Thank you TMG!!!
- 2/05/2020
Leanne J. Avatar
Leanne J.
Clay and TMGvets are amazing. They are easy to deal with and make life as a veterinarian easier. Thanks so much! - 3/27/2018
Laura J. Avatar
Laura J.
Excellent customer service with very easy setup, fast response to questions and later batchout time makes next day funding and bookkeeping easy! Thank you Clay Farrell! - 3/22/2018
Jeana T. Avatar
Jeana T.
I highly recommend Clay and TMGvets! Clay had been helpful, informative and a pleasure to work with! He has made my merchant card experience so much better! - 3/07/2018
SA Hospital Avatar
SA Hospital
Trinity Merchant Group is by far the most honest merchant group I have every worked with. When they first came in I had worked a great deal with a company and was in contract with them. They looked it over and told me it was an amazing deal and they could not touch it. Now fast forward 2 years and I had the opportunity of running into them at Texas A&M at a conference. They reviewed my rates and at that time were able to beat my current company. You won't go wrong going with this company. I will forever recommend them to all of my friends. - 1/27/2018
Myrna Osuna Avatar
Myrna Osuna
I work at Rigsby Veterinarian Clinic in San Antonio and these guys are amazing! Everything they promised in their marketing material has been absolutely true. My account was setup and equipment installed seamlessly in person! I got the Yeti they were promoting, and when John left my practice, he gave me their direct service line, which wasn't a 1-800 number! On top of everything, I am saving significant money each month on my merchant account. If you ever have an opportunity to work with Trinity Merchant Group, please don't pass it by! - 1/27/2018
Julie Singer Avatar
Julie Singer
Year after year I would sit with credit card processing companies to find the best deal, which that deal usually lasted a year or two at best and customer service was sterile. The people behind the Trinity Merchant Group don't want just your business, that want the long term relationship. They delivered what they promise. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, what you agree upon is the real deal year after year. What the rest of the businesses in this industry lack in sincere responsive customer service, this group excels in time after time and them some. Thank you TMG! - 1/27/2018
Stephanie M. Avatar
Stephanie M.
I have worked with Clay & he has done everything he promised he would do. He's a straight shooter. I definitely would (& already have) recommend him. Now that he has my business, he still answers my calls immediately - no disappearing act after he closed the deal. - 11/15/2017
Zya F. Avatar
Zya F.
John is awesome and I would recommend everyone to talk to John he will save you some money. - 10/26/2017
James G. Avatar
James G.
They take good care of us. We have used them for a few years now. - 9/27/2017
Bret Wilken Avatar
Bret Wilken
I have been with Trinity Merchant Group for about 4 years. Prior to that, my office seemed to change merchant services yearly. I have been completely satisfied with the rates we were given and I have had no problems. We are approached monthly by someone trying to switch our merchant services to someone new promising us better rates. In the cases where I let them review our fees, people could match it, but rarely beat it. And if they could beat it, it was normally by a few dollars per year. We recently switched to their internet based merchant services from using the terminals and the transition went smoothly and my staff has enjoyed the new services. If I have ever had any problems in the past, they took care of it very quickly. It has been nice to finally have a services group that I'm not having to review every month to see if I'm getting charged what I am supposed to be charged. - 1/27/2015
Sue Johnson Avatar
Sue Johnson
I have been using Trinity Merchant Group to process our credit cards since 2009. They are a very reputable, honest company. We have never had any problems with our account. They did reduce our credit card processing fees when we signed up with them and because they are so good at what they do I wouldn't think of switching companies. - 1/27/2015
Larissa Peterson Avatar
Larissa Peterson
People you trust are very hard to come by when it comes to business, and Trinity Merchant Group has exceeded all of our expectations. We have been using them to process for the last year and have an amazing experience. Their customer service is TOP NOTCH. Hands down, they are the best processor we have worked with, not only in regards to fees, but also with their prompt attention to whatever need we may have. The statements are easy to read so you know exactly where the money is going. - 1/27/2015