TMGvets Reviews: What Our Veterinarian Clients Are Saying About Us

In our previous post, we outlined what we have to offer as a merchant services provider. The payment processing services described ranged from virtual terminals, modernized and free credit card terminals, not having to sign a contract to do business with us, E-Commerce solutions, free terminal receipt paper for life, mobile payment credit card readers, and, of course, a free yeti cooler! If that last benefit isn’t reason alone to consider us as your payment processing provider, we aren’t sure what is.

In all seriousness, while we have a host of features and benefits we were happy to detail in our last post, the hallmark of our business is certainly our commitment to providing exceptional, tailored solutions for individual veterinary practices. Coupling our dedication to your satisfaction with our advanced payment processing solutions makes us a truly unique entity in this vertical.

Why Positive Reviews Mean So Much

Allow us a brief aside. In the modern era, positive reviews mean a great deal more than negative ones. We aren’t specifically talking about our own testimonials here, either. The reason is as follows. When someone, like yourself, perhaps, receives a service or a product that they are satisfied with, the natural result is to simply move on with your life, because you’ve received what you paid for.

Conversely, when someone does not receive what they were promised and paid for, that doesn’t sit too well with us. Hence we are much more likely to go out of our way to let the company and others know about the poor service received. That is why we are so thrilled to highlight our positive reviews here at TMGvets, because we understand that to receive this many we are going above and beyond expectations. We want to share a few of these testimonials with you, mostly because you are probably already tired of hearing us describe all of our amazing qualities. So let’s give somebody else a turn.

“They Understand The Importance Of Customer Service”

“I haven’t met a business owner yet that likes credit card processors. However, TMG is certainly an exception. They understand the importance of customer service. We have been very happy with how they do business and ultimately the money we have saved on our credit card processing! I highly recommend TMG for CC processing.” – John Warren of Veterinary Eye Institute

First off, thank you John for taking the time to leave us such a kind review. You will notice that a certain motif in this post is the consistent description of our dedication to customer service. That is no coincidence. And while being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is nothing to sniff at, having hardware and services that work in the first place is even more important. We understand the vitality of both here at TMGvets.

“Trinity Merchant Group is by far the most honest merchant group I have ever worked with. When they first came in I had worked a great deal with a company and was in contract with them. They looked it over and told me it was an amazing deal and they could not touch it. Now fast forward 2 years and I had the opportunity of running into them at Texas A&M at a conference. They reviewed my rates and at that time were able to beat my current company. You won’t go wrong going with this company. I will forever recommend them to all of my friends.” – Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital

Again, we would like to thank the good folks at Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital for describing their long-term experience with us. We included this testimonial to point out how we operate as a CC processing business for veterinarians. Upon taking a look at the aforementioned contract, we realized that it wasn’t in the interest of this hospital to change providers because of the exceptional rates they were receiving. If a partnership isn’t going to beneficial, we will tell you as part of our consultation. We want our prospective clients to understand we are on their side, and this review is testament to that fact.

“Give These Guys A Chance…You Won’t Regret It!”

“Trinity Merchant Group has handled my veterinary clinic’s merchant services for just over a year now and they have been virtually flawless. There are none of those “hidden fees” that I have had to deal with so many times before and their customer service is excellent. Give these guys a chance…you won’t regret it!” – Critter Doc, Five Stars

Thank you Critter Doc., for your kind words. We wonder if that was your given name. If so, how auspicious! More to the point, “hidden fees” are no fun, no matter what business or vertical you are talking about. We do our best to be as straight-forward as possible in all of our dealings. There is only one way to be a mainstay in the payment processing industry for the long-term, and that is to do business in a reputable way. We can’t speak for other services, but we believe our track record is sufficient evidence.

“We Have NEVER Had A Negative Experience With Them”

“TMG has been our processor for 3+ years and we have NEVER had a negative experience with them. We have never had to wait on answers to questions regarding a charge we submitted, technical help or reports we were needing to produce. TMG understands the importance of their customers and it shows in how they respond to our needs. From my experience, I haven’t dealt with another company who could match them in Customer Service.” – Danae C., Five Stars

We can’t control every detail at all times. Sometimes, problems might arise that are beyond both the provider and client’s control. But, as Danae has noted above, it’s how we respond to those issues that sets us apart as a veterinarian merchant service provider. We are ready to help you with whatever kind of support you need, from technical assistance to unique reports your practice requires. Danae, thank you for taking the time to let others know what kind of payment processing company we are here at TMGvets. But more than that, thanks for being a loyal client for over 3 years!

“Dealing with Trinity Merchant is always a pleasure. Using their processing tools made accepting payments easier. Whenever there is an issue they are there to help.” – Travis Baker, Five Stars

Thanks, Travis, for your succinct and well-worded review. Sometimes services aren’t life-changing when it comes to payment processing, but they help you save money and time. As Travis said, our tools make accepting payments easier. At the end of the day, that’s what you are looking for.

Consider TMGvets For Your Credit Card Processing

We have a lot to offer as you’ve no doubt observed from the above reviews. But our description thus far has been far from exhaustive. State veterinary associations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Tennessee, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, are partnering with us to make becoming our client an even more attractive prospect with exclusive member rates. If you are interested in taking the next step to learn how we can directly affect your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

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