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Welcome To TMGvets: The Best Merchant Services For Veterinarians

With as many options as there are available to choose from for merchants of all sorts, it can get easy to get lost in the weeds when it’s time to make a decision. For many vendors, the issue is that they haven’t changed their credit card terminal in a very long time, such that it can be overwhelming to perform a cost-benefit analysis on each individual feature that the vendor needs to educate themselves on.  

Veterinarians are no exception to this rule. For many years, the adage, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” held water. However, with the seemingly exponential rate of change technology and society is experiencing over the last few years, adapting to the times is no longer a preferential decision. Rather, it is mandatory if a veterinary practice wants to maintain their market share to any degree.

Today’s welcoming post is dedicated to educating our prospective veterinary clientele on what exactly they are missing out on when it comes to payment processing and a customized credit card terminal. Read on if you are interested in acquiring the best merchant services for veterinarians at an affordable price.

How can we make that claim? We are glad you asked. First, we would say read on to find out the details. But generally speaking, we believe you will be hard pressed to find another payment processing provider that is exclusively oriented to veterinarians, not to mention being able to fully tailor your credit card processing solution to your practice’s unique needs. All that to say, let’s get going.

Why Vets Are Making The Change

Whether you are new to payment processing or have had your finger on the pulse of the industry for some time, you need to understand why exactly so many veterinarians are making the switch to TMGvets. Truly, veterinarians from Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, and beyond are making the switch.

The main reason vets are making this decision is because when you sign up for our credit card processing solution, you automatically get free equipment, free supplies, no contract, and are guaranteed savings. But beyond that, we’ve teamed up with various veterinary associations to afford our customers with even more benefits when they make the change. Look out for a future post on that very topic, which will outline what each state’s veterinary medical association has to offer vets when they partner with our payment processing company.

What You Get When You Sign Up

Alright, let’s get down to it. When you sign up for our veterinary merchant services, here is what you can expect to receive.

  • Guaranteed savings
  • Exclusive member rates
  • No contract
  • Free Terminal Receipt Paper – for life!
  • Free EMV Chip Card Terminal
  • Free Yeti Cooler!

No Contract

There are two things we would like to note here that relate to contracts. The first is that we will not hold you to a contract should you choose to utilize our veterinary merchant services. Secondly, if you are currently in a contract with another provider, we will pay your early termination fees. Those are just two of the ways we try to show you that we aren’t like your average credit card processing company. In fact, we will advocate on your behalf so you never have to feel tied down to a long-term contract again.

Your Free EMV Chip Card Terminal

This is far from just a “throw-in”. On the contrary, TMGvets gets you set up with all of the hardware you will require to run your veterinary practice smoothly. While some practices only have one credit card terminal, we offer as many as you need. And of course, all of the hardware is free! Here are the features of our EMV Chip Card Terminal.

  • Proven Performance – Quite simply, it’s the industry’s fastest processor, which has the net effect of moving more transactions for greater profit.
  • Easy Operation – Save money and be stress-free with our no-hassle set up. With a quick-release door which has been designed to load paper efficiently, you can get back to running your practice.
  • Mobile Pay Ready – Run Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and any other contactless (NFC) transaction within our consolidated payment terminal. This will please your clients as well as make your life a whole lot easier!
  • Visible Display – Gone are the days of barely being able to make out what the chip reader is displaying. The back-lit, high-contrast display and blue backlit keypad helps visibility even if the lighting isn’t ideal.
  • PIN Security – With PCI PED 2.0 approval, you get to keep up with most current, cutting-edge PIN security standards to ensure optimal safety.
  • Next Generation Features – This is truly a modern credit card reader. We’ve boosted the memory from 160 MB (standard) to over 500 MB, in order to support value-added applications like gift and loyalty cards, among others.

Customer Service

We are here for you. The veterinarian is our client, and with that, comes the understanding that no two practices are alike. That is why we offer you the ability to customize your payment processing solution to fit your unique needs.

Our customer service is dedicated to being there when you need us. That is why we have put a staff in place to specifically serve our veterinarian clients which is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Again, you aren’t likely to find that elsewhere.

A Variety Of Solutions

We offer a range of payment processing solutions, from virtual terminals, mobile payments, hospital payments, to E-Commerce merchant services for veterinarians.

  • Hospital Payments – We work with hundreds of animals hospitals all over the country.
  • Mobile Payments  – Any mobile device can be turned into a credit card reader. This is your on-the-go credit card processor solution, made easy!
  • Virtual Terminal – We are proud to provide a powerful and robust enterprise solutions for both storing and processing credit cards in a secure way. Features range from being able to store patient info, setting up recurring monthly billing, and tracking client payments.
  • E-Commerce – We blend ease-of-use (no coding skills required, don’t worry) with a practical and advanced set of features. We integrate with Midwest Vet supplies online payment portal and many others like it. This is a must for the modern practice, because you can turn your practice’s website into an e-commerce solution in one fell swoop.

As you no doubt can tell, we go above and beyond the standards of your average company that handles credit card processing for small businesses. In whichever way you want to modernize your practice, we are happy to consult with you to analyze the areas of improvement you may not be aware of. If you are leaving money on the table, that’s the first place we should start.

Transform Your Practice

We exist because we recognize a glaring need in the market. Veterinarians from all over the country are gaining access to innovative merchant services specifically customized for their practice. When you factor in our affordable rates, 24 hour customer service at hand, and a variety of solutions that will tangibly impact your bottom line, you begin to understand why so many veterinarians are going with TMGvets. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can partner with your practice and increase your revenue while streamlining your processes. We would love to earn your business.